New jacket – Firstgear Jaunt T2

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The Firstgear Jaunt T2 is a jacket I’ve had my eye on.  It came up on sale for $152.00 so I ordered.  The description said the sizing ran large.  I usually go XL or XXL.  Went with a large.  It fit but was tighter than I like so I returned it. did a cross ship where I sent it back and ordered a new size.  The XL came in a few days – quicket than expected!

It fit exactly how I like a jacket to fit.  The quality is good and the hizviz is VERY VERY bright.  I had someone pullover and wave me by when I stood up on the pegs behind them.   I was stretching and airing out my sweaty butt!

The Jaunt T2 is a hot jacket.  The vent allow good airflow when moving but things heat up when stopped in traffic.  Massachusetts is having a killer hot summer.  Stuck in traffic on the Mass Pike was not too fun.  Once off the highway and moving on a back road the vents delivered enough air – even at slower speeds – to rapidly dry up any sweat.

This likely means it will be a great cold weather riding jacket.

I am happy with the Jaunt for the first few rides.  Will report back after more miles have gone by it.

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