Ural Chronicles IV

The trip begins 9-4-2021. Lowell MA to North Wooodstock NH to Gorham NH. After the first two nights, there are no plans. Loaded into OsmAnd on my phone are tracks for Hampster Ride, NE Backroad Discovery Route, NH Flatlander (DR & AR), Western Maine Dirt Loop, Dirty Dog, Puppy Dog.  I have few more GPX files on the phone or saved to Google and I … Continue reading Ural Chronicles IV

Ural Chronicles III

Why do I drive a Ural sidecar? Why does anyone do anything? Money? Fame? Chicks*? You won’t get much of those three with a Ural. Money goes out the door on new farkles, replacements for parts that shouldn’t have broke**. Fame is fleeting, reduced to Ural Delay Factor*** at gas stops and ice cream stands.  Chicks?  Well, its a sidecar. Probably the geekiest type of … Continue reading Ural Chronicles III