Ural Chronicles V

Ural cT at 45th Parallel
Ural cT at 45th Parallel

William Least Heat Moon says  “the open road is a beckoning, a strangeness, a place where a man can lose himself.”

I agreed to the beckoning but I haven’t lost myself on the road yet.  I’d like to though.

I spent the last 5 days driving my Ural. around New Hampshire and Vermont.  Got right next to Canada, saw border patrol pickups on side roads leading in to the wood.  I didn’t go over the border.  It is open but COVID rules and tests made it a small hassle which I wasn’t willing to go through.

Instead I drove up Mount Washington, drove some amazing backroads, drove some great but horrible dirt roads. 

Sawyer Highway, NH 118 from Wentworth to North Woodstock & NH 145 from Pittsburg to Colebrook – both are AAA+++ roads!! 

Route 145 crosses the 45th Parallel.  It is 3 1/2 hours from my house and the marker says it’s halfway to the North Pole.  So, if I drove 3 1/2 hours more, I’d get to meet Santa?

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